September 23, 2002



Small Business

123 Fake St.

Springfield, NT 65198


Dear (Name),


I am writing this letter at the recommendation of (Nice Person).  My name is Brandon Hays, and I amÉ

ŌÉthe only geek you need to know.Ķ

I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, as well as a highly experienced computer and network administrator.  I have been troubleshooting, fixing, and administering PCÕs and networks for eight years, and thousands of people nationwide have benefited from my experience.  IÕm sure youÕre aware that truly skilled, honest and hard working Information Services techs are hard to come by.  This is why I was referred to you.  (Nice Person) knows me, knows of my experience and integrity, and they believe that you are sure to thank them for the reference.

There is a huge section of the market that is not served well by the tech industry. As companies grow their IT needs grow with them.  In the beginning it may just be a couple of employees that need to network their computers to share files and printers.  Even relatively small tasks like these are not within most peoplesÕ experience, so small business owners are stuck paying $100-150 per hour for someone to come out and set it up for them. Then when they have questions or inevitable problems, itÕs back to the $100+ per hour support firm or endless $20 help desk calls.  The fact is, companies of this size are at a terrible disadvantage. Without the need for a full-time IT department, business owners are forced to choose between a $100-per-hour ŌserviceĶ or receiving dubious advice from a seventeen-year-old electronics store employee.

As companies grow it only gets worse.

Once a company reaches about 15-25 employees, they add a full time IT person. With that many users, itÕs just about required.  However, the terrible truth is, at 15-25 employees, for the IT employee itÕs a part-time work for the full-time pay.  Most of them become experts at surfing the Internet and online video games just to fill their endless spare time. Yet itÕs a necessary evil, because when you need them—you need them.  Even in todayÕs market, this employee is usually $40-50,000 per year.

ThereÕs got to be a better way!

There is!  ThatÕs where I come in.  IÕve set up a Ōone-stop shop,Ķ a comprehensive solution for all your Information Technology needs. IÕve built a heuristic catalog of knowledge about Windows, Macintosh, Cisco, and many other platforms.  Through my contacts, you also now have key relationships with programmers, web and graphic designers, and other highly competent technicians.  All these resources are now yours for the asking, and we havenÕt even reached the best part.

IÕm not a franchise of a global support corporation.  I work out of my home here in Salt Lake City.  I set my company up to work just in this niche: companies that donÕt need a full time IT employee, but still need top quality help at a reasonable cost.  Companies utilizing my services have charged their customers over a thousand dollars a day (plus expenses) for my services!  I think thatÕs too high for the average business to afford.  Lately, IÕve started to add some new clients directly on an innovative program that is changing the way they think about technical support.  ThereÕs a good chance that I have a

There are several ways to put me to work for you.

1.     I will be available to you on call as needed at $65 per hour. This is less than most other services charge for in-store technical service, and much less than on call.

2.     This is the best deal: If your business will guarantee me twenty hours a month, use it or lose it, I will reduce my hourly rate to $30 per hour, and lock it in for any additional hours you use. 

I can offer my services at this extremely low rate because not everyone will always use all twenty hours, but your hours of technical support are there when you need them.  I am currently working with several clients, varying from 5 to 15 employees, and they use their twenty hours (and then some!). 

Obviously, because of the time constraints implied in this offer, I can only accept the first ten businesses that choose the twenty-hour package.  IÕm sending this letter to several hundred business contacts to acquire these 10 ŌPreferredĶ clients.

WeÕre still not at the best part.

As a preferred client, you will not only receive the best technical support for your computers, servers, and networks that is available at almost any price.  You get all the benefits of a full-time IT department at a fraction of the cost, and none of the worry. 

The most important facet (and the one that gets the attention) is keeping your business running smoothly, without costly downtime.  However, if all IT does is keep your computers running, theyÕre missing a precious opportunity.

I will take the time to learn how technology affects your business, and work with you to offer suggestions on how it can speed your workflow, cut your costs, and increase your revenue.  Information Technology doesnÕt have to be a negative on your balance sheet, and my services take into consideration your most important business priority: your bottom line.

Each month, I will perform checkups on each of your computers.  I will check error and system logs, services, run spyware and virus scans, and make sure that each machine is in perfect working order, so your attention is spent where it is most needed, on your business.

In addition, I will take care of a vastly important (and often ignored) item: your data.  The information you store on your desktops and servers may well be one of your most valuable assets, so how often are you backing it up?  Once a month?  Once a quarter?  Never?

I will perform monthly backups of the data on all the computers you wish.  IÕll provide the equipment, and give you an optical disc with your data (or store it for you offsite, if you prefer).  If your needs exceed this, I will of course work with you on a cost-effective backup plan that fits your business.

Imagine, all of your IT headaches transferred from your desk to mine!

For only $600 per month, youÕve replaced the need for a $4000-a-month employee. Not only will you save a ton at this rate, youÕll free up your valuable time to focus on your business, not crawling under desks trying to figure whatÕs wrong with your network.

And remember, you are invited to take advantage of the skills of my associates in other areas of the industry.  They will develop the website and corporate image that your small business needs to stay ahead of the big-business competition at a small fraction of a big-business cost, and both you and your customers will be blown away.

The cost to you is small, I personally guarantee, compared to the increase in productivity and efficiency you will experience.  There are no tricks, no loopholes, no high-margin hardware so many try to sell in order to pad their profits.  Like you, I pride myself on performing high-quality work that you will be as enthusiastic to recommend to others as I was recommended to you. This is why I believe IÕm Ōthe only geek you need to know.Ķ

Because of the time-sensitive nature of this special offering, it is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I am always available at (801) XXX-XXXX, or at  In addition, visit my website at  I truly look forward to serving your needs, exceeding your expectations, and freeing you to focus on what matters most to you.


Thank you for your kind attention,





Brandon Hays



PS. Whichever way youÕd like to work with me, IÕd be delighted to have you as a client.  If you choose to be one of the 10 Preferred, rest assured that my work is 100% money-back guaranteed; there is no risk to you.  You can cancel my services at any time. My job is to make your life simpler, easier and more profitable, as those I work with know.  I look forward to demonstrating that for you as well.