One place I’ll travel before I die


Note: Day 4 of the #Trust30 initiative.

Apparently, weddings are kind of a thing in India. My friend Ratish was married just about a year ago in his home state of Kerala.

He’s a prolific photographer, and shortly after he came back to the U.S., he received a wedding photo album like none I’d ever seen. It was a glossy hardcover book, with hundreds of meticulously-laid-out pages. Filled with beautiful photos, creatively designed, as if each page had been laid out in Photoshop rather than in InDesign.

Some of the photos were so perfect and beautiful that I could not believe that it was real. No place on Earth could be as lovely as this, and I asked how heavily the scenes had been Photoshopped.

Ratish’s response was “not at all”, and that Kerala was really as beautiful as the pictures made it seem. It was at that moment I decided I would someday travel there, and Ratish offered to take me and my wife around the area should we decide to visit.

I think my best chance to accomplish this is to stay close to Ratish and travel home with him someday. However I get there though, consider this my public commitment that I will see Kerala before I die.